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What is Zaria Style?

Zaria Style is an affiliate website using the ShopStyle Collective affiliate program. All products on the website are linked to their respective retailers via ShopStyle™. It means we do not carry our own products or brands.

What is ShopStyle™?

Shopstyle™ is a shopping search engine. It gathers and compiles products from hundreds of brands into one website. ShopStyle is based in San Francisco, CA and has other branches worldwide. It is part of POPSUGAR Inc..

Where do you get the products displayed on your website?

All products, including but not limited to the photos, names, descriptions, prices, etc. are taken from the ShopStyle™ website via the public ShopStyle™ API.

What's the shopping experience on this website?

The shopping process is just as easy as the other websites. You can search and browse products. Clicking on the product will direct you to the product's retailer website via ShopStyle™ so you can buy that item you like.

I love this site! How can I contribute?

Thank you.
To donate - please use link below.
Proceeds will go to the site maintenance, improvements, and new features.

For more specific questions, please contact us.

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